Here’s What’s On Tap Today

(while supply lasts)

Updated on October 10, 2017

Columbus Brewing Creeper

$6.00/glass $17.99/ growler

ABV: 10


You’ve been warned
Pale malts provide a stage for the huge hop presence. Creeper is our limited release Imperial IPA featuring an ever evolving blend of American hops.

Blake's Apple Lantern

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 6.5

It’s the season of campfires, sweaters & pumpkin carving. Experience the warming flavor of our handpicked apples balanced with the oven roasted richness of pumpkin. Refreshingly crisp & perfectly spiced our Apple Lantern brings you the taste of autumn that can only come from Blake’s Orchard.

Crafted Stranger Bings

$7.00/glass NA/growler

ABV: 6

Mead with Cherry, Graham & Vanilla


Stone Brewing Ruination 2.0

$6.00/glass $21.99/growler

ABV: 9.8

brewed specifically for release in Ohio. Tap only. DIPA with blackberry, strawberry and lemon

Lagunita's Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

$5.00/glass $19.99/growler

ABV: 9.6

Our malty and rich beer with a snappy hop finish truly defies style…Imperial Mild?…Uber ESB?… We do know for sure that it is Unforgiven and Unrepentant.

Lexington Brewing Tangerine Cream

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 5.5

A summmertime twist on a new favorite. We took our Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale and added a hint of fresh tangerine to the recipe. The flavors of ripe citrus and bourbon vanilla meld perfectly into this traditional cream ale, with notes of Kentucky bourbon and oak on the finish

Sibling Revelry Noble Sibling

$6.00/glass $19.99/growler

ABV: 9.5

Truly among the elite, this double IPA collaboration with Noble Beast Brewing Co. was brewed with a decadent variety of only the finest hops. The 80 IBU bitterness is noticeable but fleeting and does not linger any longer than you want it to. Make no mistake, this bitter sibling rules your palate with unwieldy grandeur and one relentless purpose – pure hoppy bliss.

Jackie O's Grave

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 10.5

 Double IPA loaded with tons of hops

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

$3.00/glass $8.99/growler

ABV: 4.9

This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—summer in a can.

Rivertowne Headless Wylie

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 8

If Mr. Crane had this magical juice with him, Sleepy Hollow would have never been the same! With a punch that could have knocked the Headless Horseman off his horse, this full-bodied, HIGH GRAVITY pumpkin beer is perfect to calm a scary situation.

Rochester Mills Blueberry Pancake Milkshake

$6.00/glass $17.99/ growler

ABV: 5.2

Blueberry Pancake Flavored Mikshake Stout™ is a unique brew that surprises the senses combining the distinct scent and taste of blueberries layered with the familiar taste of Milkshake Stout™ and a pleasant aftertaste of pancakes. Blueberry Pancake bridges the gap and appeals to non-beer drinkers as well. Limited Release and by special arrangement.

Vedett Extra White

$6.00/glass $14.99/growler

ABV: 4.7

Meant to be cloudy! This highly refreshing Belgian white ale may be hard to see through but the refreshing citrus aromas with touches of coriander, the fullness of its smooth, grainy texture, the subtle sweetness of its honey-like finish make this a beer to be enjoyed anytime.

Founder's Green Zebra

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 4.6

a gose-style ale brewed with watermelon and sea salt!

Saucy Brew Works Wet Hopped American Summer

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 6.5

Wet Hopped IPA

Bell's Quinannan Falls

$4.00/glass $14.99/growler

ABV: 5.2

A dry-hopped lager that possesses a crisp, dry bitterness you would expect from a German pilsner, but the use of highly aromatic Simcoe hops from the Pacific Northwest, evoke the fragrant pine forests that inspired this beer.

Masthead Brewing Co Oktoberfest

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 5.7

A malt forward German Lager brewed for the fall festival season. Only the finest German malt and hops are used to produce a sessionable yet flavorful lager that will make you think you are standing on a table dressed in Lederhosen (or a Dirndl) swinging a bierstein in Munich. Prost!

Fat Head's Google Fogger

$6.00/glass $14.99/growler

ABV: 5

When this brew first came out of the tanks our brewer took a sip. Then downed some more. He put on his glasses, tilted his head and said “Damn, that’s a Goggle Fogger!”. The “Hefe” prefix means “with yeast” which gives this unfiltered wheat beer a somewhat cloudy or “foggy” appearance. Light aromas of wheat, bubblegum, clove and spice. Very refreshing with light hop bitterness and flavors of wheat, spice, bubblegum and hints of clove.

Southern Tier Cold Pressed Coffee Pumking

$7.00/glass $21.99/growler

ABV: 8.6

Cold press coffee is a lengthy process, but it results in a smooth coffee flavor with nutty, cocoa & chocolatey notes. Add these scrumptious tones to Pumking’s biscuity, pumpkin pie spices & you’ve got something extra special for fall.

Fat Head's Spooky Tooth

$6.00/glass $21.99/growler

ABV: 9

Rich amber color with aroma of sweet pumpkin pie and savory spices with hints of sweet malt. Rich and creamy with a chewy mouthfeel that you can sink your teeth into. Flavors of pumpkin up front then sweet malt, pie crust, spice, hints of brown sugar and a clean finish. We stopped just short of the whipped cream. But we like the way you think.

DuClaw Retribution: Pumpkin

$8.00/glass $27.99/growler

ABV: 11.2

Retribution was aged for 6 months inside of bourbon barrels made from charred Kentucky white oak with Pumpkin spice to create a smoky, sophisticated Imperial Stout, infused with aromas and flavors of charred oak, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and  caramelized sugar. Not since the spectre of a legendary horseman ruled the night has there been a more righteous form of justice PUMPKIN-FIED!

Revolution Rev Pils

$5.00/glass $14.99/growler

ABV: 5

Our Chicago Pilsner. Brewed traditionally German, with a slightly American approach. All German hops and malts come together for an exceptionally clean, crisp pilsner.

Great Lakes Rally Drum

$6.00/glass $17.99/growler

ABV: 4.6

 Citrusy and piney all-American hops wind up and deliver the pitch to cleanup hitter dry roasted malt

Southern Tier 2013 Warlock

$6.00/glass $23.99/growler

ABV: 10

Imperial stout brewed with pumpkins Warlock is brewed to enchant your palate on its own and also to counterpoint our Imperial Ale, Pumking. Make your own black magic by carefully pouring this Imperial Stout into a goblet.
Dark and mysterious, the Blackwater Series is serious about high gravity. Reanimate your senses with Warlock’s huge roasted malt character, moderate carbonation and spicy pumpkin pie aroma.

Guinness Draught

$5.00/glass N/A as growler

ABV: 4.5

Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Velvety in its finish. This iconic beer is defined by harmony. Sip after sip, sweet counters bitter as the malt arrives on cue to compliment a base of roasted barley. Just as the unmistakable white head sits flush atop the dark beer, so do the flavors counter and combine perfectly. This is our greatest innovation. Truly unique. Perfectly balanced. Made of More™.