It’s the Season of Black Magic

It’s finally October! Here in Northeast Ohio that means changing leaves, crisp air, amazing blue sky days, apples, pumpkins, and of course the Season of Black Magic! 

October and Halloween are a magical time of year for both children and adults alike. From hayrides to corn mazes, apple picking and cider, leaf piles just begging to be jumped into, caramel everything, carving pumpkins, picking out this year’s costume, “Hey, who doesn’t like to get candy?”, and of course the Halloween parties, October has it all!

If you haven’t started planning a party, it’s not too late. You only need a few simple things for a great soiree:

thFun Decor: Great Halloween party decor doesn’t have to break the bank. You probably have most of it already. Keep it simple, fill in with things you can pick up at your neighborhood dollar or discount store and it doesn’t have to come from the Halloween department. Look around, get creative! To keep things looking well planned, pick a theme using black and white or classic orange and black for your colors. Throw in some purple for a magical twist and set the mood.


Good Food: Again, keep it simple. Throw a cocktail party where guests can mingle and move around your space eliminating the need for renting or borrowing tables and chairs. Pull together a mixture of homemade and store bought or catered appetizers. Enlist a friend to help keep an eye on the platters and refill them as necessary.  Skip anything that needs a knife and fork. Cheese platters, figs, Crudités, heaping trays of fruits, sausages, bruschettas, olives, dipping sauces, and some little somethings like gourmet brownie bites, individual servings of a lovely mouse, and of course candy to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Cashmere Black Magic by Cline Cellars

Fine Drink: No need to stock a full bar. Again, enlist the help of a friend. Your guests should have a glass in their hand within minutes of entering your gathering. Find a recipe for a signature cocktail that will be the main focus of your beverage offerings. Try a Zombie Cocktail or something frightfully as good. Add some seasonal craft beers, sparkling hard ciders, and a great wine like Cashmere Black Magic by Cline Cellars and your party guests will be perfectly satisfied. Don’t forget to provide soft drinks for the designated drivers.

radiofrontMood Music:  Halloween party soundtracks don’t have to  mainly consist of the Monster Mash. Try googling Halloween classical music, harpsichord music, scary symphonies, as well as stormy music and sounds. Mix these in with “classic” Halloween songs and some current music your group all enjoys and you’ll have a killer party playlist to keep the evening lively.

86525705b9f2628827861818d7ae398dGreat Company: Last but certainly not least, invite your friends. Send out your invitations electronically through email or social media or do it the old fashioned way through snail mail. (In this day and age, it really is nice to get an invitation in the mail. It will make your event that much more special.) Make sure you give your guests enough time to respond and plan their attire for the evening. You can let them know if the party is themed such as a masquerade, period costume, or general halloween costume attire.

Filling your party with Good Food, Fine Drinks and Great Company will create a memorable evening for both you and your guests. Here at Red Wine and Brew, we are committed to helping you create such an evening. We can help you with everything from selecting your beverages to catering your Hor ‘d oeuvres to providing the location. Let us be of service to you and help you to create a little magic this season.

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Images sourced from Pinterest, Cashmere Black Magic wine image sourced from Cline Cellars

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