4 Ciders that Round Out the Season

Although hard ciders are available all year long, Autumn’s days call out for this deliciously crisp libation. And while ciders have been made with apples for centuries, in recent years, ciders have leaped in flavor combinations making it difficult to decide what to buy first! Let us give you a hand by introducing you to a few of our favorites.

Two of our favorites hail from Blake’s Hard Cider Co.  Founded in Armada and one of Michigan’s first craft cideries, Blake’s offers an adventurous exploration of all things cider. By growing, pressing and fermenting their own apples, this craft hard cider is proudly produced in a truly uncompromising way.


Apple Lantern –  2.17/bottle      12.99/6pk      6.5%ABV

Available in September and October. During the season of campfires, sweaters and pumpkin carving, this is the quintessential cider to have on hand. Experience the flavor of handpicked apples balanced with the oven roasted richness of pumpkin & molasses. Refreshingly crisp & perfectly spiced, Apple Lantern brings you the taste of Autumn that can only come from Blake’s Orchard. Given multiple thumbs up by the RWB team!


Black Phillip – 8.99/6pk    4.5%ABV

Only available August – October. Blake’s  award winning semi-sweet hard cider infused with an array of cranberries and blood orange. Permeate your favorite autumn nights with their newest creation, Black Phillip; the question is, would you like to live deliciously? Another RWB team favorite!


The next fall cider on our list comes from another of our top favorite brewers with a firmly established policy of NO SHORTCUTS, Downeast Cider House located in East Boston  No matter the cost to them, they are fully committed to using only fresh-pressed juices and pure, natural ingredients in their cider. When it comes to flavor, there’s no substitute for the best, and that’s what they stand by: simple, honest, authentic. The boys from Massachusetts know their ciders.


Pumpkin Blend – 8.99/4pk    5.1%ABV

You don’t…but you really, really do. Trust us on this. With a very short window of availability, pumpkin blend is made by adding fresh pumpkin mash to the apple press, finished with a chai brew. Voted a must try by the RWB team!


And this final favorite comes to us from Stevens Point Wisconson, Ciderboys provides a beverage using only 100% natural ingredients for every flavor of their award-winning hard ciders. The majority of the ciders are medium-sweet in character by design. They use only 100% apple juice in fermentation and back sweeten with 100% apple juice and other juices. Win-win for tummies and taste buds. Along with complexity and creativity, we value consistency. They select their apples exclusively from a single source in Washington state. The special climate and rich soil of the Yakima Valley creates the perfect apple juice for their fruitful pairings.


 Grand Mimosa – 1.67/bottle    9.99/6pk    5%ABV

An unusual recommendation for Fall. But with crystal blue skies, we can claim Sunshine always dances here.  Some call this fruitful pairing surreal – ruby red apples uniting with succulent juicy oranges.  Unexpected? You bet.  Sweet yet tart – tasty and unique.  Nothing stops the passion found in a Grand Mimosa.  All natural orange juice added. Received major kudos from the RWB team!

Only available September 1 – February 28

Although these are only 4 of our many favorite hard ciders, we hope this gets you to begin a thorough exploration of what this sinfully delicious category of fermented beverages has to offer. With Fall being apple season, what better timing then now?!