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Green Cigars on St. Patrick’s Day? Please!

green cigars

Green Cigars?! Know Your options!

With St. Patrick’s Day being right around the corner you should know that its not just about green beer!  The next step in any holiday-goers task list is to grab some green cigars!

On this upcoming irish holiday, make sure to celebrate with a Candela (also known as double claro) style cigar!  Candela’s green color comes from a different curing process than other tobaccos. While most tobacco is fermented, Candela is actually baked.  Over a three day period, the leaves are hung from the rafters of a barn with fires burning at ground level at high temperatures.  This process will remove all the compounds that fermentation typically does but leaves the chlorophyll intact.  The chlorophyll is what is actually producing that green color.

Candela cigars are the mildest of all cigars and has commonly been referred to as the Bud Light of cigars. In the 1950’s, green candela style cigars actually routinely outsold their brown counterparts by more than 10 to 1 in the United States.   When choosing your green cigar, it should be fairly easy to stick to a brand you already love!  Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel and La Flor Dominicana all carry a “green” option.  The most popular option in recent years has been the yearly release by Alec Bradley Cigar Co.


Which beer goes with green cigars?

While it seems to make sense that you would want to drink Guiness or Irish Whiskeys with your candela style cigar that is simply not the case.  These cigars pair very well with any beer that has undertones of citrus.  Blue Moon, Dogfish Head and wheat beers are a great pairing!  Maybe stop in and ask Bill for a good German hefeweizen suggestion!

If you want to pick up a green cigar, feel free to stop by at Red, Wine and Brew in Chesterland and ask for Sara!  Alternatively, you can send me an email over at