Saucy Brew Works

Meet Cleveland’s Newest Craft Beer!

Saucy Brew Works opened its doors on July 5th, 2017 in the old Steelman Building in Ohio City. They have recently started distribution beyond their own doors and WE HAVE SOME!!!

Saucy Brew Works’ mission is to shake up the Cleveland beer scene. They’re hitting the mark with a solid core lineup and range of experimental beers, all brewed to deliver absolute quality. The 12,000-square-foot brewery features a completely stainless steel BrauKon brewhouse. This German-engineered brewing system is designed for precision, consistency and efficiency – all of which add up to a better end product.


Meet Rübezahl, or Ruben, as we call him. He’s a mythical mountain spirit, known for being nice to cool people and vengeful to creeps. This crisp, clean Kölsch is a true German classic. It’s the perfect tribute to our fair-minded friend: sweet balanced with faint bitterness. Appeals to crossover mainstream drinkers and beer connoisseurs alike.

 Light gold

 Dense, white foam

 Light, clean, and crisp with a slight citrusy, spicy character



The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Because it leads to all sorts of irrational conclusions, like dark beers are rich and heavy due to their color. Fauxbia proves that looks can be deceiving. This white stout is mashed at high temperatures with oats and wheat to create the body and mouthfeel of a true stout, but with a light golden color.


 Light, off-white tight bubbles

 Full-bodied with a chocolatey, roasted flavor



When you need aromatic, tropical overtones with hints of mango, orange and pine – all in one clean drinking, palate-pleasing package – this is your beer. Just be aware: when your glass approaches empty, you may experience the irresistible urge for a rapid refill as soon as possible.

 Deep golden

 Tight, white foam

 Crisp, dry and citrusy with a lingering bitterness