Turkey & Beer. Why not?

The guest list is set. You’ve planned your menu, bought the bird, grandma is bring her traditional green bean casserole. Now, what wine is going to go with all those flavors?

Wait. A. Minute. Why limit your holiday beverage choice to wine? Besides, what did the pilgrims drink with their Thanksgiving feast? It’s far more likely that it was good ale than wine.

A stuffed roasted turkey is typically the centerpiece of a feast full of traditional holiday dishes. The meal has every flavor imaginable so when you think of pairing a beer with turkey or any other bird, it’s also necessary to think of all of those other dishes that are likely to accompany it, too. The beer needs to be complex without overpowering while having the ability to work with all of those flavors. A good choice is Saison, a once obscure style that has enjoyed a strong resurgence in recent years. Our favorite recommendation is Ommegang Hennepin, a hearty and rustic golden ale, full bodied, hoppy and crisp. Saison originated in southern Belgium and is now popular with craft brewers who often brew it as an autumn seasonal. It is a rich, complex ale full of spice and notes of rich, late season fruit. It is deliberately soured so it carries just a touch of tangyness making it a great companion for the foods of the holiday table.

What other types of beers could you serve? Here are some suggestions courtesy of the Brewers Association and Melisa, our Beer Manager:




Don’t think that these are the only choices. These are just a few suggestions. Most of these pairing are interchangeable and the traditional sides will also do quite well with anything listed here. And what about those cranberries? In fact, there are even a few beers with cranberry in them that would make an interesting addition to your menu such as UFO Cranbeery.

So mix it up a little this Thanksgiving. Beer is not just for game day. It can enhance a formal meal taking it to the next level of enjoyment.

At Red Wine and Brew, we can help you choose just the right beverage for your feast.

Happy Thanksgiving!